Emergency and Expedited Hearings in Family Court SC

Emergency and Expedited Hearings in Family Court SC

Accelerated Timetable

Emergency and Expedited Hearings are essentially Temporary Hearings heard on a faster timetable (click here for info on Temporary Hearings).  Temporary Hearings are generally heard within four (4) weeks of filing; while Expedited Hearings are generally heard within ten (10) days of filing and Emergency Hearings are sometimes heard within just a couple of days of filing.


Emergency and Expedited Hearings also require less notice of your requests for relief to the opposition.  Temporary Hearings require five (5) days notice; while Expedited Hearings require forty-eight (48) hours notice and Emergency Hearings are only required to be served before the Hearing.

When to Use

Emergency and Expedited Hearings should be requested when you have what you would consider an emergency or an issue that simply can’t wait.  The typical examples involve a child custody case where the child is being subjected to danger/abuse or divorce cases where someone is disposing of assets.

Note, that the Court will require you to state the basis for your request, and may not set an Emergency or Expedited Hearing if they don’t agree that you have good reason.


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