Greenville SC Helpful Links for Criminal Charges

Greenville SC Helpful Links for Criminal Charges

In this blog, I am going to share with you some truly helpful links regarding criminal law in South Carolina that I personally utilize frequently.

1.  Statewide Public Index Link – this website will allow statewide access to the public index in each South Carolina county.  Simply click on the county you wish to search.  This link is valuable to research past and pending criminal charges by name or warrant number.

2.  CDR System – this website allows you to search the criminal code by keyword and statute. Therefore, all you need to have is a basic knowledge of what you are looking for and it performs as a “google” of sorts for the South Carolina Criminal Code.  After performing a search, clicking the appropriate result will classify it as a misdemeanor or felony and give the statute site with a link to the statute via the South Carolina Code of Law online.

3.  South Carolina Judicial Department’s Court Register – clicking this link will give you access to all the rules of Court, including:  criminal, magistrate, and the rules of evidence.  It also contains the rules of appellate, family, civil, and probate courts.


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